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Eons after the creation of the universe, and after the rise and development of innumerable species and cultures, the Great Spirit descends upon the very heart of creation, the cradle of life: Eoris. This planet bears the universe’s name and lays in the farthest reaches of the cosmos where reality turns to dream. Eoris is the birthplace of the first mortal creatures, the mecca of civilisation, and the sanctuary of the ‘Sil’, angels of creation and direct descendents of God.

A few years after her arrival, God unconsciously proclaims her wish to die, a call only her angels can sense. This event marks the beginning of a new war, one that confronts the mighty empires of the mortals that strictly oppose the destruction of the Great Spirit against the ‘Last Angels’, celestial creatures that descended from the heavens to fulfil the celestial mandate.

In this war, the nature of our devotion to God opposes our need to live.

What is more important... God or her creation?

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Mr. R.J. Cranham, from London, writes

"I have just finished with the setting book for Eoris and I was blown away. You'll probably have heard about the art and it is gorgeous but for me pretty is as pretty does and I wanted to see the meat behind the setting. I have to say I would not recommend playing a character in this game unless you want to commit to reading something of the setting behind it. It's not that the game isn't accessible, it's that you'll just miss so much of the point unless you're willing to take some time and engage with the text. How your character relates to the environment is of paramount importance at all times. It's not enough to be a mage, warrior or thief (all completely possible with the build system) you need to think 'why'? Why has my character chosen the profession they have? Science within the game has successfully demonstrated that all beings are inter-connected so why do you choose to still kill? How do you go about the ending of a life. It's just amazing, there's so much about the content that sparks my mind and makes me think just who my character will be and why?

This game simply deserves to be 'out there', it should be read and you should tell your friends because it's just that darn good. Not only will it look pretty on your gaming shelf the questions it asks will stay with you for days. You can see that there are so many stories in this unique universe that are just begging to be told and I for one just can't wait to take my place among them when we start our group's campaign next year."

I whole heartedly thank Mr. Cranham for his words. 
Happy new year everyone.
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