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Eons after the creation of the universe, and after the rise and development of innumerable species and cultures, the Great Spirit descends upon the very heart of creation, the cradle of life: Eoris. This planet bears the universe’s name and lays in the farthest reaches of the cosmos where reality turns to dream. Eoris is the birthplace of the first mortal creatures, the mecca of civilisation, and the sanctuary of the ‘Sil’, angels of creation and direct descendents of God.

A few years after her arrival, God unconsciously proclaims her wish to die, a call only her angels can sense. This event marks the beginning of a new war, one that confronts the mighty empires of the mortals that strictly oppose the destruction of the Great Spirit against the ‘Last Angels’, celestial creatures that descended from the heavens to fulfil the celestial mandate.

In this war, the nature of our devotion to God opposes our need to live.

What is more important... God or her creation?

Monday, 14 January 2013



A series of ambient songs:

Please take the following into account. These songs are not what I would hear in my Eoris Sessions. For that I would recommend better done professional music such video game and movie soundtracks.

A good list I tend to use could be: Koh Otani / Xenogears (specially 'the beginning and the end') / Guilty Gear / Starcraft (1 and 2) / Hans Zimmer / Philip Glass / Mark Stratenfeld / James Newton Howard / John Williams / Batman / The Village / Journey /

Nevertheless, being a fan of rock, I do find that some special sessions, character intros, battles, and most importantly Character Creation, are better off with some nice classical rock in the background. Of course it doesn't need to be limited to Classic Rock. All sort of nice music can bring good inspiration for a play session.

Pearl Jam / Jimmy Hendrix / Pink Floyd / Mr Big / Rolling Stones / The Verve / Seal / Metallica / The Doors / Dave Matheus Band / Live / The xx / The Tempre Trap / Lynyrd Skynyrd / Sound Garden / Opeth / Therion / Nirvana / Pixies / RHCP / Faith No More / ZoƩ / The Whitest Boy Alive ...

Anyway, I could write a very long list, but this should give you the gist. By the way, I write this list since someone recently asked my what music i would use in an Eoris Game. So... here it is :)


  1. is a great place to get movie style music without having a specific imagary attached. For example: Batman soundtrack and the image you have of your Sil becomes the Joker.

  2. Wow! hmmm What do you mean? Hahaha, sorry I am just really bad with software. Which image of the Sil becomes the joker?

  3. Ha, I meant mental image during character creation or play.

  4. I apologize, the above is not the correct link, not truly free (which I have found and used before).

    1. OH! Right. Hahaha The music you play might just determine who your character will be. That's true.

  5. Daniel, the link you provided for ambient songs doesn't seem to work?

  6. True... i don't seem to find a way to put put them online without having these problems so I am going to work on a new website. Problem is the money, which I currently don't have :P haha

    Let me see what I can do.