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Eons after the creation of the universe, and after the rise and development of innumerable species and cultures, the Great Spirit descends upon the very heart of creation, the cradle of life: Eoris. This planet bears the universe’s name and lays in the farthest reaches of the cosmos where reality turns to dream. Eoris is the birthplace of the first mortal creatures, the mecca of civilisation, and the sanctuary of the ‘Sil’, angels of creation and direct descendents of God.

A few years after her arrival, God unconsciously proclaims her wish to die, a call only her angels can sense. This event marks the beginning of a new war, one that confronts the mighty empires of the mortals that strictly oppose the destruction of the Great Spirit against the ‘Last Angels’, celestial creatures that descended from the heavens to fulfil the celestial mandate.

In this war, the nature of our devotion to God opposes our need to live.

What is more important... God or her creation?

Friday, 4 January 2013


- Shaballa -

The Palace of Shaballa is in fact an important place in Eoris given that it is one of the small activated fortresses that still survive. As a whole it is considered to be a Sil Relic. Players should explore other adventure possibilities in this place.

P.S. Beware these files are big.

An improvement has been done on the Shaballa maps on this blog. There was a problem with the Seocnd Floor blueprints and it has been fixed. 


  1. Hey there Daniel. I'm a longtime fan of Eoris. I was wondering if you have any plans for Eoris? If not, I think the next step should be a revised rule book. Some folks have complaints about Eoris and its perceived level of complexity. There is some truth to this but regardless a good system exists within it all. If you are interested at all in such an endeavor, I would very much like to be involved in the process. The resulting product could be seen as a grand piece of errata that complements the original product. You do this by offering honest, quality revisions that have been playtested and by keeping the resulting product cheap by keeping it small and mostly void of art. (as the art in the original product will suffice!) This also creates another opportunity; a setting-less version of Eoris for the masses to enjoy!

  2. Dear MacLeod,

    I have, for a while, been thinking about your proposal. In fact we have been working on it before the game even came out. Nevertheless, due to management, legal and other strange problems I really do not entirely comprehend, I am unable of sharing the process with you. I do, however appreciate the intention and hope the resulting product I am working on will satisfy you and everyone else.
    I hope you are well.


  3. Dear MacLeod,

    I want you to know that I have taken your intentions wholeheartedly and with great enthusiasm. I believe it is things like this what made Eoris worth it, if only to connect with some precious individuals out there. I believe you are one of them and I thank knowing you (at least in these terms).

    I will try to include you as much as ossible in the new design. :)



  4. When it all comes down to it... I'm just glad to hear that something similar is already in the works. I want the game to succeed as much as you do, even though I don't have monetary investment.

    I would certainly appreciate any such attempt! I've always believed that a fresh pair of eyes when it comes to writing is always a necessity; new ideas, new perspectives, etc...

    Thank you for your time! Feel free to e-mail me at mlevimiller (at) :)

  5. I agree with the new perspective thing. I definitely feel that Eoris, while one of my best attempts at doing something good, lacked a little worldliness (if you understand my meaning) and outside feedback. Nevertheless, the new products come with a lot of added experience and a better idea of what people wanted to find in the books. The complements will most definetely too just that. truly complement on the experience, both in the system and the setting. :D

  6. Hi Daniel,
    I've finally managed to get my copy of Eoris and I've been looking through this site at all the sheets and such. But none of the download links work. Would you be able to re-upload a few (this one in particular) please?


  7. I apologize for this. I will try to fix the problem this weekend by remaking a new website and posting everything there. I am so glad someone else has bought the game. I hope you enjoy it. and remember that any question you have I may be able to help.


  8. Ready...!buy-eoris/c16fm

  9. sorry... that's not it.
    This is the one...